13971072029636Residential internet access service for a low as $39.99 ++



 Residential Broadband Fiber Internet

 50Mb  $  49.99  10 Mb upstream / 50 Mb downstream1
 75Mb  $  69.99  10 Mb upstream / 75 Mb downstream1
   5Mb  $    5.00    5 Mb upstream add-on2



Business Broadband Fiber Internet

   50Mb  $  59.99  25 Mb upstream / 50 Mb downstream1
 100Mb  $149.99  50 Mb upstream / 100 Mb downstream1
     5Mb  $    5.00    5 Mb upstream add-on2



 Ethernet Cable 10ft  $ 5.00
 Data Only Charge***  $19.95




Some restrictions apply. Not available in all locations. Equipment purchase may be required.

  • *** A Data Only Charge will apply to all service packages where no active phone service exists st the service location.
  • + An internet router is required when connecting more than one computer or internet enabled device to the Broadband Internet service.
  • ++ After applying a discount at locations with existing video service.
  • 1Fiber serviced locations only.
  • 2 Only offered as an add-on to currently offered packages to increase the upload rate to the maximum download rate of the service of the applicable service package (symmetrical).

See our "INTERNET SERVICE CUSTOMER AGREEMENT" on our policies page for more details.

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